Adult Students

How do Adults apply?

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You can apply on the website through our application page. There is a short application form after which we will contact you to arrange an interview. The interview is advisory where you have the opportunity to discuss the course you applied for, find out what is involved on the course and any other college details in relation to your application. You are advised to apply early as some course fill and waiting lists will apply.

As an Adult – How do I start?

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Choosing the right course can be a difficult choice. At Carlow Institute, we host several information sessions for adults and would be delighted if you joined us. We also have Career Guidance available to assist you. Our adult student advisor is also available and can talk through course content with you so that you can make the choice most suitable to you. Some of the following considerations might help you in your course choice:

  • Your interests and strengths
  • The course content that specifically appeals to you
  • The type of career you would like
  • The length of a course you would like to do

What courses are available for Adults?

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You can take any course at Carlow Institute and all courses generally have adult students on the course. We have also targeted particular courses for the adult student with the knowledge that the adult is often juggling different aspects of their lives.

How is Adult Learning supported at Carlow Institute?

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The Teaching and Learning Centre at Carlow Institute has times set aside for adult students to attend and ask specific questions about their learning and their studies. This is particularly important at the beginning of your studies and we will be there to ease your transition back into education.

Why do adults return to College?

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Many adults return to college to follow a career choice, to upskill, to change career or to gain a formal qualification for skills which they already have. Students also return to college as an entry route to Higher Education and in many cases for personal fulfilment.

Who is an Adult Student?

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We welcome adult students who wish to return to education or to continue their studies. Adult students may have a wide range of experiences from their lives which will add greatly to their studies in college. Adults return to education for professional or personal reasons.

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