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How do I apply?2021-01-19T15:04:06+00:00

If you are looking for more background information on the application process then see our “How to Apply” page.

If you are ready to apply then just go to the “Apply Now” page.

Who is an Adult Student?2021-03-31T07:52:54+01:00

We welcome adult students who wish to return to education or to continue their studies. Adult students may have a wide range of experiences from their lives which will add greatly to their studies in college. Adults return to education for professional or personal reasons.

Why do adults return to College?2021-03-31T07:53:36+01:00

Many adults return to college to follow a career choice, to upskill, to change career or to gain a formal qualification for skills which they already have. Students also return to college as an entry route to Higher Education and in many cases for personal fulfilment.

How is Adult Learning supported at Carlow Institute?2021-03-31T07:54:35+01:00

The Teaching and Learning Centre at Carlow Institute has times set aside for adult students to attend and ask specific questions about their learning and their studies. This is particularly important at the beginning of your studies and we will be there to ease your transition back into education.

What courses are available for Adults?2021-03-31T07:55:46+01:00

You can take any course at Carlow Institute and all courses generally have adult students on the course. We have also targeted particular courses for the adult student with the knowledge that the adult is often juggling different aspects of their lives.

What are the Entry Requirements for Adults?2021-03-31T07:56:29+01:00

There are no formal entry requirements for an adult applicant, but your life skills and experience will add to your college experience.

As an Adult – How do I start?2021-03-31T07:57:31+01:00

Choosing the right course can be a difficult choice. At Carlow Institute, we host several information sessions for adults and would be delighted if you joined us. We also have Career Guidance available to assist you. Our adult student advisor is also available and can talk through course content with you so that you can make the choice most suitable to you. Some of the following considerations might help you in your course choice:

  • Your interests and strengths
  • The course content that specifically appeals to you
  • The type of career you would like
  • The length of a course you would like to do
How do Adults apply?2021-03-31T07:59:30+01:00

You can apply on the website through our application page. There is a short application form after which we will contact you to arrange an interview. The interview is advisory where you have the opportunity to discuss the course you applied for, find out what is involved on the course and any other college details in relation to your application. You are advised to apply early as some course fill and waiting lists will apply.

When does the course start?2022-12-11T08:17:54+00:00

Courses typically start in the third week in September (This is the intended start date and is subject to change).

What are the course fees?2024-02-14T17:36:00+00:00

For Sept 2024 – All course fees, from registration to exams and awarding body fees as well as course materials and equipment are covered. You just need to pay the initial 20 Euro application fee.

More details are available on our Costs, Fees and Finance page.

The SUSI grant is available and eligible students may apply at www.studentfinance.ie

Is the course full-time or part-time?2022-12-11T08:24:35+00:00

All the courses in the “Courses” menu are full-time. The courses listed under “Night College” are part-time.


Can I apply for two courses?2021-02-10T14:02:37+00:00

You can only apply to one course at a time. You can indicate a second preference to the course coordinator during the interview. This will only be used if there is a waiting list. You will normally have to interview again for the 2nd choice course.

How much does a course cost?2024-02-14T17:36:49+00:00

For Sept 2024 – All course fees, from registration to exams and awarding body fees as well as course materials and equipment are covered. You just need to pay the initial 20 Euro application fee.

More details are available on our Costs, Fees and Finance page.

The SUSI grant is available and eligible students may apply at www.studentfinance.ie


How do I find out more about a course?2021-02-10T14:07:46+00:00

If the Course Content page (See our A-Z List) does not answer all your questions then there are two options:

  • Check out the news page or social media for details on open events
  • Send an email to applications@carlowinstitute.ie with your questions and the office will ensure the correct coordinator gets your message.
How do I access my application?2021-02-10T13:59:09+00:00

There is a link on the menu above “My Application” which will load a page with the link to the application system.

An email was sent with your login details when you completed step 1 of your application. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find it (it will come from the website enrol.ie). There is a pdf document attached to the email and the login details are at the end.

If you did not receive this then please email applications@carlowinstitute.ie requesting that it get resent.

What do I do if I have any concerns?2020-09-17T16:30:02+01:00

If you have any general concerns, please speak to any member of staff. Your Class Teacher is also available to assist you and guide you.

We have made every effort to open safely and continue to be highly vigilant. If you notice anything that concerns you about how we are managing this, or how people are co-operating, please let a member of staff know immediately.

You can speak to any member of staff, email us on cife.info@kilkennycarlowetb.ie, or call us on 059 913 4230.

I’m trying to decide on accommodation for the year. Can you advise me?2022-12-11T08:46:09+00:00

We understand that decisions around programmes and accommodation are influenced by timetables in a way that makes planning difficult. We are unable to issue timetables until we know how many students will be registering for classes.

We aim to issue timetables at induction.

Carlow Institute does not operate its own accommodation, so our students stay with private providers. Please see the local papers (Carlow Nationalist and Carlow People) for rental accommodation that may be available.

I have additional needs. How will this work?2022-12-11T08:41:34+00:00

We have a dedicated SEN team who will meet with you at Induction and plan to support you through the year. Please make sure you have appropriate supporting documentation with you for this meeting. If you haven’t already mentioned your particular need to the Co-ordinator of the course, please do so at the point of Induction, and we will do what we can to help.

Please review the Open Learning page for more details.


What about other services at the Institute?2022-12-11T08:39:54+00:00

The range of services available at Carlow Institute is listed on our Student Support Services page.

Is there a canteen service at the Institute?2022-12-11T08:38:17+00:00

We have a canteen service with a range of hot and cold food and drinks. We cannot provide microwave facilities however.

Will I attend an Induction, and do I need to bring anything?2022-12-11T08:34:58+00:00

Yes! Induction will be in person. You will be sent details of the date and time of your Induction, and we will be there to greet you and get you started on your course. We will check that we have your contact details recorded correctly (this is especially important), and will ask you to bring ID too. We will send full details of what you need to bring with your Induction invitation. Induction starts in September – you’ll get your date and time through ENROL.

Please bring all items listed in your induction invitation – we cannot complete your induction if you do not bring the items listed in the invitation.

Please only attend on your induction day and time. Remember we’ll send this to you via ENROL

Do I need my own equipment?2022-12-11T08:33:13+00:00

This varies by course – you will certainly need regular items such as stationary (pens and writing materials). For certain courses you will need you own equipment – you will have been given details of this at your interview.

I’m concerned about access to IT equipment at home – what can I do?2022-12-11T08:32:48+00:00

At your Induction session we will advise you on the various types of device that are suitable for online classes. You will get a student email account, and we’ll explain how to access our online leaning platforms such as MS Teams, and Moodle. We’ll help you understand how these work at Induction and how to access support while you are at college.

When will classes commence for students?2022-12-11T08:30:32+00:00

Carlow Institute is commencing term for new first years in September. You will receive updates beforehand with dates and times via your Enrol profile. See your Enrol profile for messages and advice about this, or call us if you are unsure.

When will I know what days my course is on?2020-09-17T15:57:53+01:00

We always distribute timetables at Induction, as we find it helpful to explain these in person

What do I do if I feel unwell?2020-09-17T15:57:14+01:00
  • If you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attend
  • Self-isolate at home and contact your GP immediately for further advice.
  • Do not return to Institute unless you have been advised that it is safe to do.

If a student develops or displays symptoms while at the Institute, our specific action plan for the management of students with Covid-19 symptoms will immediately be put into effect.

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