We will be practicing social distancing at all Carlow Institute facilities, and the students shall follow the HSE general guidelines including, Social distancing, hand hygiene and wearing of masks

Students and staff attending Carlow Institute are required to wear a face covering whilst at college. You will receive a complimentary mask and visor at Induction, however you will need to have your own supply of additional masks.

Please note that special arrangements for social distancing will be in place for all practical classrooms – you will be advised of these at induction. In practical classrooms, we are following the recommendations of the guidelines for a minimum one-metre spacing, with appropriate face-coverings and relevant safety protocols at all times.

We are constantly reviewing these safety practices in response to guidelines that we receive which are subject to change. We ask that you help to keep everyone – you included – in our Institute community safe, by adhering to the guidelines at all times.