We are following the suite of guidelines from the SOLAS, ETBI and the Department of Education (DES), developed by the DES in close consultation with experts in the HSE, to facilitate the safe reopening of schools.

These measures include making sure that:

  • students with symptoms of COVID-19 do not attend Institute
  • there is rapid identification and appropriate management of students who develop symptoms of COVID-19 while in Institute
  • there is physical distancing between students and staff (for example: the reconfiguration of classrooms)
  • sanitiser is available in every teaching and learning space, you will be required to
    • sanitise your hands on entry to the teaching spaces
    • sanitise your desk, chair equipment after use
    • we provide this sanitising equipment in each classroom for this purpose
  • there is strict adherence to hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene (including the provision of handwashing facilities and hand sanitiser . Please also bring your own personal hand sanitiser for your own use

This information includes the following:

  • ETBI SOLAS – Implementation Guidelines for Public Health Measures in ETB Further Education and Training Institutions (FET) V.1.
  • the Roadmap for the full return to school
  • COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable reopening of post primary schools
  • curriculum guidance
  • wellbeing resources

These resources are designed to guide us in the correct implementation of public health measures to:

  • reduce the risk of introduction of COVID-19 to the Institute
  • reduce the spread of COVID-19 within the school if it is introduced into the Institute