All courses will involve a combination of on-campus classes and online classes. These will be organised by day – so for some days you will attend the Institute for classes in person, and for other days you will have classes online. This will be a whole-day approach – we won’t expect you to do in-person classes and online classes on the same day.

Why this combination approach?

We would much rather have all classes in person, but the guidelines for re-opening Institutes like ours are clear, and safety is our first priority. Therefore, we are reducing the total number of people in the Institute building at any one timeto maintain physical distancing. We can achieve this by delivering some classes online.

Why aren’t all classes online?

We have reviewed every course programme and we know that all courses require access to the fantastic professional facilities at the Institute, so we are ensuring that you will have access to these as much as possible. We know too that it is important to feel part of a group, and that in-person classes will help support you in your study. Remember that Carlow Institute staff will be here to help you – in person and online!